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Terrorism, explosive letter to the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid

Explosive letter to the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid. The letter, addressed to the ambassador, exploded when an employee of the diplomatic office opened it, wounding him slightly. It is unclear whether the attack is related to the war with Russia

An explosive letter was delivered to the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid and addressed to the ambassador. This was revealed by H I Sutton, defense expert and author of the Covert Shores site, on his Twitter channel. The news was also reported by the Daily Mail Online, according to which an employee of the diplomatic headquarters was slightly injured and transported to the Nuestra Senora de America hospital. The alarm was raised at 1pm local time after the explosion of the letter. The police activated the anti-terrorism protocol and cordoned off the area around the embassy. Furthermore, the bomb squad arrived on the scene to look for any other bombs. It is not clear at the moment whether the matrix of the attack is attributable to the conflict in Ukraine or if there is something else behind it. The investigations have just begun.

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