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Terrorism, bad day for Isis in Iraq-Syria. The financial network has been hit

Isis in Deir Ezzor loses one of the heads of arms trafficking and funding to Islamic State jihadists in Iraq and Syria. He died in a gunfight against the SDF

Black day for Isis in Syria and Iraq. In the first country, SDF special forces (HAT) killed Abu Alward Al-Iraqi in the Deir Ezzor area. The man was considered one of the Islamic State responsible for arms trafficking and financing, derived from oil smuggling in the region (he was the Oil Emir). Not surprisingly, the jihadist worked between the two nations to coordinate the flows destined for the various Daesh groups. The HAT launched a raid, following which a gunfight broke out which resulted in the death of the commander and another militiaman. Moreover, inside their refuge, several weapons and ammunition were found, as well as documents deemed of great interest by intelligence. The operation took place on January 14, but news released only nw. The goal, in fact, was not to alarm other members of the network before Kurdish forces identified them.

ISF in Mosul dismantle a Daesh militia cell, made up of specialists, who extort the population to finance survival and attacks

In Iraq, ISF counter-terrorism forces arrested an ISIS cell in Mosul. Six members of the Islamic State were part of the group, including a senior security officer whose name was not disclosed. Among them, some had operated in the Mafariz al-Amniyah (secret security units), in Hisbah (the religious police), as well as the so called Diwan al-Jund (the Daesh department that dealt with the fighters). The militiamen had attempted to extort money from some people, blackmailing them with letters in which they threatened to kill them if they did not pay the Jizya. This is the annual tax that non-Muslims, who live on government lands in Islamic countries, sometimes pay. The goal was to finance the local cells and attacks on soldiers and the population in the region.

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