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Terrorism, AQAP calls on Muslims to boycott the World Cup in Qatar

AQAP calls on Muslims to boycott the World Cup in Qatar. The pro-al Qaeda group condemns the country for bringing “sin” to the Arabian Peninsula, but does not advocate attacks against the event. However, the risk of “lone wolves” remains

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has called on Muslims around the world to boycott the FIFA World Cup in Qatar by not attending the event. AQAP motivated the exhortation as the Middle Eastern nation has brought “immoral people, homosexuals, sowers of corruption and atheism to the Arabian Peninsula”. The terrorist group also stressed that the World Cup served to divert international attention from the “occupation of Muslim countries and their oppression”. The sentence, strangely, is not followed by the threats of attacks or acts of violence, usually spread in similar situations. In fact, therefore, it is an exclusively “political” gesture and for internal use. This, however, does not exclude that lone wolves do not interpret it as a “call to action” and attempt to carry out attacks. Indeed, the alarm is high. Not surprisingly, the military/security forces of several states are cooperating locally and remotely with Doha to prevent possible risks.

Photo Credits: FIFA

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