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Terrorism, a new blow to the Isis funding network in Iraq and Syria

New blow to the Isis funding network in Iraq and Syria: 2 other facilitators of the Islamic State have been included in the US blacklist: they are Faruq Hamud and Adnan al-Rawi

New blow to the Isis logistics and financing network by the United States. Two other facilitators linked to the Islamic State have been included in the sanctions black list. One is called Faruq Hamud and operates in Syria. He was in charge of getting the funds raised abroad to the jihadists in the Middle Eastern country. The other is Adnan Muhammad Amin al-Rawi and has hw worked in Turkey. His job was to provide resources or equipment to militiamen in the neighboring country. However, several members of his family are part of Daesh and are already blacklisted. The aim of the measures is to destroy IS’s operational capability in both Syria and Iraq. Terrorists still pose a danger thanks to external funding and logistical support. In fact, their crimes committed in the two nations – although they have multiplied in recent times – do not bring enough resources to survive.

The two are just the latest in a long series: just a few days ago, six persons and companies had been hit by the sanctions. Al Rawi, however, could be a relative of Fawaz: Daesh “Minister of Finance”, the first one included on the list for financial reasons and then killed by Inherent Resolve

Hamud and al-Rawi are the latest in a long list of Isis facilitators, included on the black list by the United States. Just a few days ago (on July 15), six persons and companies had joined it. Some were in charge of transferring funds to Islamic State jihadists in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan (ISKP) through Money Exchange companies. Others, however, did so with false charitable associations, after collecting donations in the Gulf and Levant Area. All measures were taken within the framework of the Counter ISIS Finance Group (CIFG) of the International Coalition and the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center (TFTC). Moreover, the first IS-related finances designation were taken in 2016, and probably against an al-Rawi family member: Fawaz, the jihadists’ “finance minister”, killed in an Inherent Resolve raid in 2017 in Abu Kamal.

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