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Syria, Turkey together with the allies launch a violent offensive at Jinderes

In Jinderes a violent battle between Olive Branch and the Kurds of YPG/SDF is going on. The FSA gets hold of the dam of Meydanki and Afrin risks of being left without water

At Jinderes a violent battle between the Turkish Forces of Olive Branch e and YPG/SDF. The soldiers of Ankara and their allies from FSA increased their pressing on the city, in an attempt to encircle it. Moreover, they penetrated into the city from the south, and there is fighting in the roads. Turkey is carrying on with ground operations, and in parallel is continuing to bomb the center of the residential area, in order to weaken the defenses of the Kurdish Forces, as well as the areas around. Here the objective is to prevent the Syrian fighters to receive possible reinforcements but also avoid attacks from behind. Mainly from north or east. Meanwhile the FSA militia is carrying on the offensive at Afrin, pushing towards east of Hallubiyah where they have taken the dam of Meydanki. Their aim is to join the western front of the operation against the Kurds, in order to close the province in two isolated areas. Moreover, the control of the infrastructure, will enable them to cut out water supplies to Afrin, taking the enemy by thirst.

In east Ghouta the SAA attacks Kafr Bata and almost succeeds in dividing the enclave in two

In the meantime, the Syrian army (SAA) is carrying on the offensive in eastern Ghouta against the groups of rebels. In the last hours the soldiers of Damascus have launched a violent attack at Kafr Bata, while the air fighters continue bombarding the nearby Saqba. The militaries have almost managed to cut the enclave in two and are trying to join the two fronts near Mudayrah and Misraba. These, in fact, are under attack at west from the military base of armored vehicles and at east from Al Shaffoniya. Syrian and Russian raids are reported also at Mesraba, Harasta and all the cities of the quadrant. In this regard, the rebel formation Jaish al-Islam has announced that it has pulled down a AN-26 aircraft of the Federation, to revenge the bombing on civilians at Ghouta. It seems that up to now over 900 local inhabitants have been killed by the Damascus and Moscow operation.

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