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Syria, what is Russia doing in northern Aleppo?

What is Russia doing in northern Aleppo? Moscow soldiers leave the Tal Rifat, Til Ajjar and Minnegh bases. Then, however, they reoccupy them immediately, after the pro-Turkey militias bomb the SAA by surprise

What is Russia doing in northern Syria? In the past few hours, the Federation troops had left their bases in Tal Rifat, Til Ajjar and Minnegh. Local sources had seen military convoys heading to their main infrastructure north of Aleppo, Wahshiya, leaving the local army (SAA) to garrison them. After a few hours, groups of Shiite militiamen began to arrive, with the task to guarantee a defensive line for the cities of Nubl and Zahraa. Then, however, the pro-Turkish groups bombed the area and the Moscow soldiers suddenly returned to immediately reoccupy all the bases they had previously left behind. It seems that Russia did not expect the attack and that consequently ran for cover, fearing a possible contact between the SAA and the TAF allied forces, which would have further frayed the fragile truce.

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