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Syria, what is happening with Türkiye in Idlib?

What is happening with Türkiye in Idlib? The TAF leave their posts from Ma’arat Al-Na’asan in Saraqeb to move further towards Aleppo, where the SAA falls back towards Taftanaz and Al-Talhiya

What’s happening with Türkiye in Idlib? Turkish security forces are surprisingly evacuating their posts along the front line inside the Syrian province. This was reported by various local sources, according to which the TAF have left the areas under their control from Ma’arat Al-Na’asan to Saraqeb. Ankara’s troops have advanced to reinforce garrisons along the front line with the Damascus Army (SAA), where large numbers of units have retreated towards the Taftanaz military airport and forward checkpoints near the village of Al-Talhiya. There are no official confirmations, but it seems that intense movements are underway on the border between Idlib and Aleppo. At the moment, however, there are no signs of possible imminent operations by either side. However, it remains to be understood how the local militias will behave in relation to the new situation in the quadrant.

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