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Syria, what is changing in Turkey’s strategy in Idlib?

Ankara has sent a maxi contingent of over one hundred armored vehicles and 50 tanks to Idlib. Reinforcements have deployed in Bennesh and Zawiya, only two kilometers away from the Syrian Army (SAA), where a new observation point is being built

Something is changing in Turkey’s strategy in Syria. Ankara has suddenly sent a large contingent of reinforcements to Idlib. There is talk of one hundred armored vehicles, 50 tanks, prefabricated buildings and logistic material. The TAF maxi convoy entered from Kafr Loosin and headed for the military observation point near Bennesh. Some of the vehicles, however, diverted to point towards the mountain of Zawiya, near the front line (about two kilometers) of the Damascus army (SAA). Here, in fact, it seems that a new observation point is under construction in the area between Ruwaiha and Sarjah. The activities were preceded by a reconnaissance of Turkish soldiers, together with elements of the National Front for Liberation (NFL). The base, however, is added to that of Baloun, located in the same quadrant and set up in recent days.

Is the sudden build up just a nuisance action against the SAA in Idlib or is it an intermediate step to transfer reinforcements to Kurdistan?

Turkey’s sudden strengthening in Idlib suggests that the TAF want to hinder the SAA’s advance towards Barah. Especially after Syrian soldiers began to make progress, albeit very slow, against local militias. Analysts, however, think that behind it there is something more than a simple action to disturb the troops of Damascus. Especially for the quantity and quality of reinforcements sent to Zawiya. There are two hypotheses: On the one hand, Ankara could fear that the enemy will conquer Barah and get too close to the M4, dealing a severe blow to local allies. As a result, he decided to take action to slow it down and at the same time provide support to partners. On the other hand, the dispatch of the maxi contingent to the border with Aleppo is only an intermediate stage, masked by something else. The final destination of the soldiers, in fact, would be Kurdistan, where there is already a military build-up underway.

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