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Syria, what are Hezbollah’s upcoming plans?

What are Hezbollah’s upcoming plans in Syria? The Shiite militiamen wear SAA uniforms and hoist the Damascus flag at Rif Dimashq posts. Are weapons arriving from Lebanon that must be protected by Israel?

What are Hezbollah’s upcoming plans in Syria? The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reports that Hezbollah members wore SAA uniforms and hoisted the official Damascus flag at posts in the Rif Dimashq area, near the Lebanese border. What is happening seems to be a new attempt to mask some kind of operation, especially in the eyes of Israel, which periodically bombs the positions of the group in the Middle Eastern country. Not surprisingly, in recent days the leadership of the Shiite militiamen met with that of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) in Mayadeen (Deir Ezzor) to discuss how to protect themselves from the raids of the Jewish state and from the attacks of pro-ISIS jihadists. There is no confirmation, but it is not excluded that in the coming days there could be movements of heavy weapons in the quadrant, coming from the Land of the Cedars and destined for groups in Syria. Consequently, there is a need to protect them from enemy strikes.

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