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Syria, Washo-Kani camp is born in Hasaka. It will host civilians fleeing Turkish raids

The Washo-Kani camp in Hasaka will host the internal refugees, fleeing the Turkish raids. The structure will host around 3,500 families and will be protected by SDF. Also against Isis attacks

The SDF in Syria are preparing a refugee camp in Hasaka, which joins the prisons where the ISIS militiamen are detained. The structure, which will be built in al-Twaina and is called Washo-Kani, will host civilians fleeing from areas hit by the Turkish offensive. So far, however, internal refugees had been placed in schools in the provincial capital. The camp will receive about 3,500 families from the north and east and will be adequately protected. Especially against possible attacks by the Islamic State or other terrorist formations. The Daesh jihadists in particular are planning revenge for the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and are planning to launch a “month of rage”, in which they will hit numerous targets in the Middle Eastern country and in other nations. So much so that, in addition to the Kurdish one, various international intelligence are in a state of maximum alert.

Meanwhile, the hunt for al-Baghdadi’s relatives continues between Syria and Turkey. Ankara announces that it has captured one of the wives of the self-proclaimed Islamic State caliph. A few days ago, also the elder sister of the Daesh leader was arrested in Azaz

Meanwhile, hunting for al-Baghdadi relatives continues in northern Syria. In the past few hours, as the Associated Press reported, Turkey has captured one of the wives of the self-proclaimed Islamic State Caliph. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced it during a public speech. However, no further details are known. Neither the name nor the location or circumstances in which it was arrested. Just a few days, Ankara’s forces had taken the elder sister of the Daesh leader in Azaz (province of Aleppo). The woman has been identified as Rasmiya Awad and has been called a “gold mine” for the information she has. It is not excluded, in fact, that the arrest of al-Baghdadi’s wife – even if there are no official confirmations – is linked to this. So soon, there could be further developments.

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