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Syria, war between pro-Turkey militias reaches Hasaka

War between pro-Turkey militias reaches Hasaka. Repeated clashes between two factions of the al-Mu’tasim Division in the Syrian province

The internal war between the pro-Turkish militias has also reached eastern Syria. In Ras al-Ain (Hasaka), factions belonging to the al-Mu’tasim Division clashed with each other for a few hours with heavy weapons. The toll was at least four dead and several injured. Moreover, only a few hours earlier there was a similar episode, which involved the same actors. There are no official confirmations, but it seems that the armed confrontation is underway to determine who should control that territory and above all enjoy local resources. After Ankara cut aid, in fact, tensions between local formations intensified, leading to an escalation of violence. Until now, however, they were mainly confined to the northern quadrant of the country, Idlib and Aleppo.

Meanwhile in Aleppo, pro-Ankara groups are trying to break through the SAA’s defenses and arrive on the M5

Meanwhile, there is a new attempt by the pro-Turkish militias in Aleppo to break through the lines of defense of the Syrian army (SAA) in Bala. In the past few hours, allied factions of the TAF have launched a new offensive with missiles and tanks, which was however rejected by the soldiers of Damascus. Fundamentalists are trying to advance to get to the M5, the highway that runs along the border between Aleppo and Idlib. The goal is to take control, even partial, to cut off the flow of reinforcements and supplies to the SAA units in the north. In this regard, they attacked at several points of the first line: from Orm al-Koubra to Basratun, passing through Ajil.

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