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Syria, violent SAA air campaign ongoing against HTS-Isis in Hama and Idlib

Massive Damascus air campaign against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Isis and anti-government groups in Hama and Idlib. The opposition: There were over six thousand raids in a few days. Meanwhile, the SAA begins to advance and blocks possible escape routes for HTS and the Islamic State

The campaign of the Syrian Army (SAA) against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the rebels and Isis between Hama and Idlib is intensifying. In a few days over six thousand air raids were carried out in the area. This was denounced by the head of the opposition negotiators, Nasr Hariri. Furthermore, violent bombings continue in both provinces. Not only against the positions of the Islamic State and Al Qaeda-linked group. But also towards local opposition objectives. So much so that Hariri urged Turkey to intervene to stop the attacks. So far the air component is predominant in the maneuvers. The soldiers move on the sides of the operation area to consolidate the progress of the offensive and prevent escapes to other regions of HTS or Daesh militia. The SAA, in fact, has conquered Al-Jabiriyah, Al-Hamra, June Sulieman and Tal Sakhr. Furthermore, it strengthened the garrisons on the east side, from Aleppo to Zahraa.

In Deir Ezzor the SDF are targeting the Daesh facilitators. Jazeera Storm aims to inhibit the operational capabilities of jihadists

In Deir Ezzor, on the other hand, the SDF are carrying out a targeted operation against Isis sleeper cells in the Shuhail area. This has led to the death of several elements of the Islamic State and the capture of one of their key figure: Abu Bara al-Diri. The man was a facilitator, who was in charge of financing Daesh groups and buying weapons and explosives. The maneuvers, however, are still ongoing with the HAT (YAT) special forces of Jazeera Storm. The objective is to neutralize the militants before they organize themselves to launch attacks, especially against the population, taking advantage of the Ramadan period. Similar initiatives are also underway in other cities in the Syrian province and in that of Raqqa. The targets are in particular the facilitators, who guarantee the operational continuity of the IS fundamentalists.

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