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Syria, USA announce military demobilization. But the war on Isis doesn’t change

Syria, USA Announce Military Demobilization. But The War On Isis Doesn’t Change

US President Donald Trump: We have defeated Isis, the only reason to stay in Syria. The Islamic State, in fact, is relegated to an increasingly narrow portion of Deir Ezzor. It is feared that demobilization will open the return of the jihadists, as well as advantage the aims of Moscow and Turkey

“We defeated Isis in Syria, the only reason to stay in the country during my administration”. With this comment on Twitter, US President Donald Trump has sanctioned the military victory over the Islamic State in the Middle Eastern country, relegated to a few areas in Deir Ezzor and pressed by the SDF of Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm). These, after having conquered Hajin faster than expected, are attacking militia across the quadrant. His words open the door to the demobilization of American assets in the nation, deployed so far in support of the Arab-Kurdish forces against Daesh. Some have been frightened, believing that the exit of US troops from Syria is a very high risk. In relation to both the possible return of the jihadists and the increase in the influence of Russia in the state, which would no longer have strong competitors. Furthermore, there are fears about possible recrudescence of the Turkish offensive to the north. The situation, however, is different from what it appears.

Fears, however, are unjustified. The war in Daesh doesn’t change. The military assets in Iraq remain on the border with the Syrian MERV, and the International Coalition will continue to provide air support to the Jazeera Storm’s SDF

First, the demobilization of US troops from Syria will take time. As a result, they will continue to operate in support of the SDF against ISIS. In fact, the first to leave will be the officials of the State Department, according to Reuters. The agency quotes sources from the US administration, which state that staff will leave the Middle Eastern country within 48 hours. Moreover, the provision does not concern the soldiers who are in Iraq (about 5,200). These, therefore, will remain in the bases along the border between the two countries and will monitor the evolution of the campaign against the Islamic State. Both on the inland side and on the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV) on the Syrian side of Deir Ezzor. To them are added the assets of the International Coalition, which will continue the air support to Jazeera Storm. As a result, a strong US presence in anti-Daesh will remain in the area. It’s unclear only what will happen in the north.

The confirmation comes from the ground. In the Syrian province, Isis is increasingly under pressure. Both from the Arab-Kurdish forces and from Inherent Resolve

The confirmation that nothing has changed to Deir Ezzor in the anti-ISIS campaign comes from the ground. Abu Khadija al-Iraqi, a commander of the Islamic State, lost his life in an air raid on Kishma, allegedly by Inherent Resolve. Moreover, in the same area the SDF have carried out several blitz in two cities, looking for Daesh cells. Finally, further south in the Syrian province, there have been several strikes by the International Coalition and artillery attacks on jihadist positions in Baghuz Fawqani. This, while Jazeera Storm advances both south of Hajin, in the Qalah area and towards Harse.

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