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Syria, US reinforce presence in the East in support of SDF against ISIS

The US military further strengthens its presence in eastern Syria, in support of the SDF against Isis. They do this by deploying in new bases, also with Apache helicopters and Bradleys

US military increases the presence in the East of Syria in support of the SDF against Isis. The news was announced by General Eric T. Hill, commander of the special forces of Inherent Resolve, as reported by the Associated Press (AP). The senior officer added that american soldiers will also line up at new bases (presumably between Raqqa, Hasaka and Deir Ezzor) in the region to provide support for Kurdish forces in increasing pressure on the Islamic State and preventing the group from reorganizing. It is no coincidence that some Apache helicopters and Bradley armored vehicles have been sent to the Middle Eastern country for the first time since the conflict against Daesh began. The mix will have two functions: on one hand protecting the prisons (especially Al-Hol), where the militia are locked up, and the critical infrastructures. On the other, guaranteeing kinetic-tactical support for anti-IS operations.

For Daesh this news is a big problem. The militants thought they were exploiting the fact that Kurdish forces were distracted by Turkey to expand. Instead they have to reformulate the strategy. Attacking Kurdish prisons and oil fields, protected by Apache and Bradleys, will be very difficult

The return of the US military to Syria, with heavy assets like the Bradleys and Apache helicopters, is a serious problem for Isis. The militiamen of the Islamic State, in fact, counted on the fact that the SDF were engaged above all in opposing the Turkish offensive to restart to expand in the East. They thought they would quickly free their comrades in Kurdish prisons and with them attack oil infrastructures to restore a flow of resources. Instead, they have been forced to remodel their strategy as countering armored vehicles and rotary-wing aircraft is very difficult, if not impossible. Consequently it is also conquering Kurdish fields. Not to mention that the displacement of American soldiers in new locations, reduces Daesh’s room for maneuver and brings back a pressing that IS hoped would have been abandoned.

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