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Syria, US: anti-ISIS cooperation with SDF resumed at full speed

US: Cooperation with the SDF to defeat Isis in Syria has resumed at full speed. Every week there are 3 or 4 joint operations against the Islamic State

US operations in support of the SDF against Isis in SIria are back at full speed. This was confirmed by General Kenneth F. McKenzie, head of CENTCOM (the central US military command), in a speech reported by the media. The senior official stressed that 3 or 4 joint maneuvers are currently being carried out per week against the Islamic State and that the order is to continue working with the Kurdish forces to eliminate Daesh. Not surprisingly, in the last few days there have been massive raids against jihadists, especially in Busayrah, Dhiban and Shahil. Objective: to neutralize the militiamen’s cells and their logistical and support networks, which allow them to infiltrate the east of the country (especially in Deir Ezzor) and carry out attacks on the local forces and the population.

Inherent Resolve also ensures that critical infrastructure is protected from Daesh attacks. Especially the Kurdish prisons and oil plants

The full-scale recovery of Inherent Resolve’s activities against ISIS in Syria also translates into an improved ability for the SDF to protect critical infrastructure from jihadist attacks. Above all the camps, where thousands of Islamic State militants (especially foreign fighters) and their families are still imprisoned. The situation inside the structures is alarming, as the episodes of violence against those who oppose radicalization by women towards children are increasing. Joint surveillance, however, has ensured that any attempt by Daesh to free the captive terrorists has proved in vain. In addition, protection was provided to oil plants, to avoid raids by fundamentalists looking for sources of funding.

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