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Syria, unknown drones target HTS in Idlib

Unknown drones target HTS in Idlib. Attack on the vehicle of a group commander. Less than two weeks ago, mysterious explosions hit the Scientific Research Center in Ram Hamada

An unknown armed drone attacked a vehicle of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in Idlib, destroying it. On board was a high commander of the Qaedist group, whose identity is unknown. The vehicle was completely destroyed, but the fate of the jihadist and his escort is unknown. HTS has been undergoing a mysterious offensive since August. Someone is systematically targeting prominent targets related to pro-Turkey training in the Syrian province. Only two weeks ago, in fact, there were two sudden explosions within hours of each other at the Scientific Research Center near Ram Hamada, which had caused several victims among the militiamen. Even then, drones had been sighted in the area, but no one had confirmed that they had intervened. The most plausible hypothesis is that these are targeted raids by the International Coalition, but so far there have been no comments on the matter from Inherent Resolve.


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