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Syria, UN to Turkey: Stop using water as a weapon against the Kurds

The UN to Turkey: Stop using water as a weapon against the Kurds. The constant interruptions from Alouk station increase the risks related to the coronavirus, especially in Hasaka

The water emergency continues in north east Syria, following the control of pumping stations by Turkey. The last body to report the situation has been the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs (OCHA). A note reads that there is great concern about the continuation of water supply interruptions. Especially in relation to the coronavirus emergency. The reference is in particular to Alouk, which supplies the whole province of Hasaka. By the way, OCHS ask not to politicize the resource and make it available, in compliance with international humanitarian law. Lastly, the UN Secretary-General’s request for humanitarian respite, necessary to counter COVID-19, is recalled. Ankara, in fact, is trying to expel the Kurds from the area, using water as a weapon. The risk, however, is that – with the arrival of the pandemic – the situation becomes uncontrollable. Especially in places as the refugee camps and SDF prisons.

Russia is increasingly nervous with Ankara about the situation in Idlib and along the M4. Moscow threatens raids against militias

Meanwhile, there has been a new joint patrol between the TAF and the Russian military in northern Syria. But, as in the previous ones, the convoy did not enter Idlib. Instead, it headed to Ain Al-Arab (Kobani) east of Aleppo. This is because in the western province there are no security conditions, despite Turkey continues to send reinforcements and has established fixed garrisons on the highway. Moreover, Moscow is increasingly nervous with Ankara for not having managed to unlock the issue yet. According to military sources, in fact, the threat of short-lived raids against the militias has been feared, if they do not give up. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, however, cannot afford it for two reasons. On the one hand, it would lose the support of local jihadists against Damascus, moreover near the border. On the other, it would give a signal of weakness both outwards and inwards.

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