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Syria-Türkiye, surprise exercise by the TAF and allied militias in Hasaka

Surprise exercise of the TAF and allied militias in Hasaka. Erdogan, stronger after his presidential victory, wants to keep pressing on the SDF and SAA

The TAF and allied militias in Hasaka carried out a surprise exercise in the Abo Raseen (Zarkan) area. During the maneuvers, shots were fired from various weapon systems, which fell near the front line with the SDF and the Syrian army (SAA). The activities have frightened the local population, who fear a new sudden escalation of violence. According to analysts, however, it is only a move by Ankara to keep the pressure on the enemies high and evaluate their reactions. The explosions, in fact, caused the activation of the emergency devices of the Kurdish military and the troops of Damascus, who immediately put their respective rapid reaction forces on maximum alert. The provocation, moreover, will probably repeat itself again in the near future. In fact, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has never abandoned his plan to take possession of Syrian Kurdistan and after his victory in the elections he is stronger.

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