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Syria, Turkish drones begin to fly intensively over Tel Rifaat

Turkish drones begin to fly intensively over Tel Rifaat. These are the first signs of the imminent escalation in Aleppo. On the one hand there are the TAF and the allied militias; on the other, the SAA and the Kurdish SDF

First signs of the imminent escalation of violence in Aleppo, which pits Turkey and the allied militias on the one hand and the army of Damascus (SAA) and the SDF on the other. Drones from Ankara began flying intensively over Tel Rifaat after the SAA and Kurdish forces sent massive reinforcements to the area. One, however, seems to have been shot down and a second would have left the quadrant following the enemy barrage. Meanwhile, TAF allied groups also are amassing forces beyond the front line and periodically carry out small surprise raids to test the opponent’s reaction times and defenses. The tension is sky high and the situation could precipitate at any moment. In fact, a single incident misinterpreted by one of the two parties involved would be enough to trigger a conflict with unpredictable outcomes.

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