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Syria, Turkey’s raids complicate the situation in Ain Issa

The situation in Ain Issa is deteriorating rapidly due to the Turkish raids on the M4. It is feared that Ankara will launch an operation like Peace Spring to drive out Kurds from the area

The situation is complicated in the Ain Issa area, following the continuous Turkish air raids on the M4. The latest occurred only a few hours ago and saw the TAF hit several targets in Huriye, Silip and Khirbet Baqar. According to intelligence sources, there is a widespread fear that Ankara is preparing a large-scale operation in Syrian Kurdistan, similar to Peace Spring in Idlib. It is no coincidence that there has been an almost exponential increase in attacks in the region in recent times. Following this, Damascus was forced to send a large contingent of army reinforcements (SAA) to the dial, to which others could soon be added. The SDF are in a state of maximum alert, ready to move on three axes (Deir Ezzor, Raqqa and Hasaka) to defend the territory, freezing again the campaign against Isis.

The Syrian region is a ticking time bomb. The SDF are preparing to defend the territory and freeze the war in Isis. Damascus sides with them

The situation in Ain Issa and throughout the area is very tense, there is a risk of rapid escalation with results that are difficult to control. Turkey is determined to expel the Kurds from a slice of territory to increase the buffer zone on the border with Syria. Damascus, unlike in the past, has no intention of giving in, especially today when there is a rapprochement with the minority, and immediately sided with the SDF offering support. The latter are preparing for the worst, speeding up the training programs and recruitment of the fighters. In the middle is Inherent Resolve, worried about a new stop in the fight against Daesh. Especially in a delicate moment like this, in which there are important results in the strategy to neutralize the leadership of the group and stop its operational capacity.

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