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Syria, Turkey tries to seal Barah against the SAA offensive

Turkey tries to seal Barah against the SAA offensive. New observation point south of Idlib, where massive TAF reinforcements will converge

Turkey tries to seal Barah. In the past few hours, a new observation point has been established in the area of ​​the city south of Idlib, along the road to Kansafra. The objective is twofold: on the one hand, to block the offensive of the Syrian army (SAA), not allowing it to reach the town, and to protect the allied militias by providing them with direct support. On the other hand, Ankara is preparing for a possible surprise offensive in the province. It is no coincidence that the TAF are progressively abandoning the no longer strategic posts, to place themselves in new structures south of the M4 and moreover with huge reinforcements. In fact, a long barrier is being created, difficult to penetrate by the troops of Damascus, located just a few kilometers from their front line.

Ankara is aiming for escalation to justify mass military intervention in the province

Ankara’s goal is to take control of Idlib, and then move on to Kurdistan. To achieve it, it has adopted a very specific strategy: to get closer and closer to the enemy, with the excuse of guaranteeing security along the M4 and hunting down the jihadists. It is no coincidence, in fact, that clashes are growing between the SAA and the TAF, although for the moment they remain isolated. Turkey is trying to fuel an escalation and an event that justifies its mass military intervention in the Syrian province. Russia does not enter into the question for now, limiting itself to targeting the militias allied with the TAF, but the attention in Moscow is high and it is not excluded that in the near future there may be meetings to de-escalate the situation. Damascus, in fact, is a precious partner in an anti-US key and above all it is easily controlled, unlike Ankara.


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