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Syria, Turkey tries to close the SAA’s access routes to Barah

Turkey tries to close the SAA’s access routes to Barah. New TAF observation point south of Idlib, as pro-Ankara militias try to cut the M4 between Hasaka-Aleppo

Turkey is trying to prevent the Syrian army (SAA) from taking Barah. The TAF first opened and strengthened several observation points in Zawiya. Then, new ones are being created south of the M4 in Idlib province. The last is located in the village of Kadoura. The goal is to preclude most of the land access routes to the city, thus reducing the room for maneuver for soldiers and forcing them to pass only on certain routes. At the same time, pro-Ankara militias are trying to isolate Ain Issa, closing the section of the highway between Hasaka and Aleppo. In the past few hours there has been a surprise attack on the front lines of Sayda and Ma’alaq, thwarted by the SDF. Furthermore, jihadist groups have tried in vain to infiltrate Al-Musharifa.

The SDF defend themselves and press Isis in Deir Ezzor. New arrest campaign in Shahil

Meanwhile, the SDF continue to send reinforcements to Idlib as they intensify the campaigns against Isis between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor. The latest saw Kurdish forces round up some villages in the Shahil area, hunting down fire groups and IS logistics cells. The budget of operations was of a dozen arrests on which no details were provided. Another jihadist, a high-level figure, was captured in al-Azba during a raid with the support of Inherent Resolve. There is no confirmation, but presumably this new offensive stems from the information found thanks to the arrest of Abd al-Rahman Hamid al-Khair, “the Emir” responsible for the IED factories and explosive traps of terrorists in the Syrian province.

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