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Syria, Turkey tightens the siege around Afrin and the SAA bombards Ghouta

The Turkish forces together with the FSA try to isolate Afrin, by reuniting the two axes of Olive Branch at Ayn Darah and Qadi Rayhalah

In Syria the maneuvers of the Turkish forces and their allies of the FSA are continuing to surround Afrin. The troops of Olive Branch on the northern axe (Sharan), conquered the villages of Deir Mashmash and Zureiqat, as well as the surrounding hills. On the southern axe (Jinderes), instead, Kfardale and Karka were conquered after hard battles against the YPG/SDF. The objective of Ankara is to reunite the two wings of the operation at Ayn Darah and Qadi Rayhalah. This in order to completely isolate the residential area, cutting out the supply and communication lines, and make it easier to attack. It seemed that the TSF soldiers had succeeded in the last hours, but from Afrin we are told that it is not true. Meanwhile, the air raids on city are carrying on (especially in the area of al-Ashrafia) and also the mass fleeing of of the local population. Also today kilometers of queues are reported along the main routes exiting the residential area.

The SAA continues the offensive at east Ghouta, while the evacuation of civilians has started. But Isis extends its influence to the southern enclave of the quadrant

In parallel, the Syrian army (SAA) remains deployed at Nabl and Zahra, but does not seem for the momento to want to go further. It has, however, intensified the offensive at east Ghouta, both by land and by air. On the first side the soldiers of Damascus attempted a powerful attack at Harasta, but were defeated with losses. At the same time, they are fighting the rebels at Jisrin, although they have not conquered the city yet. On the second side bombing was reported, concentrated on one of the 4 quadrants in which SAA had isolated the anti-government forces: in the one at the centre-south with raids at Kafr Batna, Saqba, Zamalqa and Irbin. In the northern one, instead, an evacuation of civilians took place, with 147 persons rescued, out of which 10 were seriously injured. In the southern one, finally, the Islamic State is extending its influence to the refugee camp of Al-Yarmouk, against the Syrian soldiers.

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