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Syria, Turkey tightens security in Idlib after the attack on the M4

Turkey further strengthens security on the M4 in Idlib, after the latest attack suffered by the TAF. It fears that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) may raise the bar to prevent joint patrols with Russia

Turkey further increases security on the M4 in Idlib, after a convoy of it has been attacked in the past few hours. In particular, the measures mainly concern the south of the Syrian province, where Russian fighters had recently destroyed a militia weapons depot in the Jisrash Shogur area. According to local sources, the attack was the work of Al-Islamad-Turkestani and could be a revenge for the Moscow strikes. Others, however, believe that behind there is Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), willing in every way to block the passage of the TAF and the soldiers of the Federation. This to resume trade with rest of the country and increase its leadership among the local jihadists. Not surprisingly, there was a new joint patrol of the two countries, escorted by a huge land and air security mechanism. The group, moreover, passed very quickly on the route, avoiding stopping.

Ankara also continues to send reinforcements to the Syrian province. It wants to be ready both in the event of an escalation with HTS and if the truce with Damascus should fail. Furthermore, the two enemies have signed a sort of alliance against Turkey

Furthermore, Turkey is continuing to send military and means to Idlib. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), since March about 10,400 TAF elements have arrived in the country, spreading throughout the province and nearby Aleppo. Ankara, in fact, fears two possible scenarios: that HTS raises the level of confrontation or that the truce with Damascus fails. In the first case, it wants to be able to immediately press the jihadists, well rooted in the territory, before an asymmetric war begins in his area of ​​influence and moreover near the border. In the second, it aims to be ready to restart the Spring Shield operation if the situation worsens. The two “enemies”, moreover, have signed a sort of mutual and temporary non-aggression pact in an anti-Turkey key. As a result, Ankara is doubly concerned.

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