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Syria, Turkey strengthens the eastern borders of Idlib against the SAA

Turkey strengthens the eastern borders of Idlib against the SAA. East of Saraqeb the eighth post of the TAF was born. It will be equipped with jammers. Ankara fears that Damascus could exploit the escalation in Sere Kanye to launch a surprise offensive

Turkey is preparing to defend the area east of Saraqeb in Idlib in case the Syrian army (SAA) tries to launch a surprise offensive. In the past few hours, the TAF have erected barriers on the outskirts of the city and are preparing to open a new military post very close to the front line. It will be the eighth in the quadrant and should be located between the M4 and M5. According to local sources, it will immediately be reinforced with men, armored vehicles and jammers. Ankara, in fact, fears that the SAA may try to take advantage of the ongoing military escalation further east (near Sere Kanye), which is focusing the attention of local and international actors, to carry out a sudden land invasion of the province. This, also taking advantage of the pro-Iran militias, which have recently sent numerous assets from the south.

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