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Syria, Turkey strengthens its military presence in Kurdistan

Turkey accelerates the strengthening of its military presence in Kurdistan. Ankara builds barracks and checkpoints along the M4 in eastern Syria and increases troops in the area. There is fear an escalation

Turkey seeks to strengthen its military presence on the M4 in eastern Syria. Local sources report that the TAF are setting up new checkpoints and installations in villages along the highway in the Serêkaniyê and Tal Tamr regions. In particular in Al-Arbaeen, Laylan, Al-Dabsa and Al-Amiriya. To do so, however, they seized some schools and homes of the local population. Finally, Ankara’s soldiers are trying to build a real military base near Al-Dabsa, creating fortifications and barricades. The build up confirms that Turkey intends to push East, where there is no limiting agreement with Russia, and has accelerated the pace. Not surprisingly, attacks on Ain Issa and other locations in the quadrant have recently increased and there is an increasing presence of troops.

Russia in Idlib, meanwhile, hits Failaq Al-Sham (the Sham Legion) in the heart. Raid on the group’s headquarters, historically an ally of Ankara and a member of the SNA (TFSA)

Meanwhile, Russia has launched a series of violent raids against Failaq Al-Sham (the Sham Legion) west of Idlib. In particular, the terrorist headquarters near Kafar Takharim al-Dwelah was targeted. In the attacks, at least 60 jihadists allegedly lost their lives and over 80 injured. It is not clear why the Moscow fighters attacked the Syrian group, which operates far from the M4 and is a historical ally of Turkey, having fought alongside the TAF in various offensives in the province and being part of the Syrian National Army (SNA-TFSA). What is certain is that the operation will in all likelihood trigger a response from the fundamentalists. It remains to be seen what the targets will be, as Moscow does not have a constant military presence in the quadrant, but limited only to periodic joint patrols on the highway.

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