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Syria, Turkey sends SNA militiamen to Libya

Turkey sends SNA militiamen to Libya. While Russia seeks to hijack Syrian fighters to Ukraine along with Wagner contractors, Ankara strengthens Tripoli ahead of the (likely) presidential elections in June

While Russia is using Syrian militiamen in Ukraine, Turkey continues to send them to Libya. According to local sources, a group of about 75 SNA men is preparing to leave for Tripoli to replace a bunch that will return to the Middle Eastern country. Their task will be to protect critical installations in the capital in view of the presidential elections scheduled for June 2022. Indeed, it is feared that there may be outbreaks of violence in anticipation or on the occasion of the vote. Their pay, however, will be lower than their comrades who have been in the North African nation so far, about $ 200 a month against $ 500-700 during the conflict with Khalifa Haftar’s LNA. Moscow, on the other hand, is reducing them, like the Wagner contractors deployed in the east of the country. In fact, every available force is channeled towards Ukraine. The scenarios, however, are different in every respect and those who are a resource in Libya may not be the same elsewhere.

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