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Syria, Turkey plans M4 operation from Idlib to Kurdistan

Turkey plans a lightning operation to take control of the M4 from Idlib to Ain Issa. That’s why the TAF demobilize observation points and focus on Zawiya

Turkey plans an operation to take control of the M4 from Idlib to Ain Issa in Kurdistan. Analysts are convinced of this, according to which the strategy of demobilization of observation points and massing of forces in Zawiya has a very specific objective. On the one hand, to prevent the Syrian army (SAA) from taking over Barah and getting too close to the highway. This is to avoid losing freedom of movement and the risk of attacks from behind. On the other, Ankara wants to count on a large number of soldiers and assets to carry out a “lightning” campaign, thus avoiding getting bogged down in a static conflict that in the long run would be disadvantageous and with little chance of success. Not surprisingly, in recent times, attempts have been made to infiltrate the M4 by militiamen allied with the TAF, which should prepare the ground and act as antennas to anticipate the movements of the enemy.

Ankara, however, must act quickly. Otherwise it risks getting bogged down in a static conflict that would only benefit the Kurdistan SDF

In fact, Turkey knows that the only possibility of taking control of the M4 is with a lightning operation. A maneuver that does not give the Kurdish SDF the time to organize themselves to react and to ask for help from international partners. On the other hand, Ankara has its hands free with regards to Kurdistan, at least with Russia. The truce agreements with Damascus, in fact, concern only Idlib and not the north-east of Syria. Furthermore, Inherent Resolve and the United States cannot distract more than many resources from the fight against Isis, which tries to take advantage of every opportunity to raise its head. In the event of a prolonged conflict, however, there would be times and ways to get reinforcements to the area and thus crystallize the situation.

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