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Syria, Turkey’s new garrison on the M4: it is the fifth

Turkey opens its fifth garrison on the M4. As expected it is close to Muhanabl. Objective: to seal the highway and allow joint patrols with Russia in Idlib

Turkey continues to strengthen military garrisons on the M4 to ensure that joint patrols with Russia in Idlib can pass safely. The last one, as expected, has just been built in Bassamis (Jabal al-Zawiya), south of Muhanbal. It is no coincidence that this location was chosen. Ankara first secured Al-Khafir in the Jisr al-Shughur area and Naryab. In fact, the southern and northern highway access points in the Syrian province. Then, it went deeper, creating that of Jinna. The aim is to discourage possible attacks by local militias against convoys. Or, in the worst case, to intervene quickly to neutralize any concrete danger against the TAF or the soldiers of Moscow. Especially by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), who has increased the level of threats to foreign troops and has begun to act.

Ankara must resolve the crisis with the militias in Idlib quickly. Moscow is increasingly nervous and HTS’s hostile jihadists are growing

Turkey must react quickly to the crisis in Idlib to avoid losing weight in its area of ​​influence in Syria. In fact, Russia has lost patience for the strong limits of joint patrols on the M4 (currently they stop in Nayrab). In addition, the sudden growth of HTS in the province is putting the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the allied militias of Ankara, at risk. Consequently, the only solution to avoid an armed intervention that would certainly bring damage and no certainty of the results is to lock the highway. This will allow the TAF to have even greater awareness of developments on the ground and to establish a presence in a strategic infrastructure, should the hostilities with Damascus rekindle. On the other hand, it remains unknown which will be the possible reaction of local jihadists and the population, who have no intention of letting foreign convoys pass.

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