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Syria, Turkey massively transfers forces to Kurdistan

Turkey transfers its forces en masse to Kurdistan. Ankara also demobilizes Sher Magher’s observation point, diverting part of the resources to the East. It leaves the SAA free field south of the M4, it knows that due to the agreements with Russia it will not exceed it

The Turkish TAF are moving en masse to Kurdistan. The confirmation comes from the start of the demobilization of the Sher Magher observation point, between Hama and Idlib. The operations follow a few days after those that took place in Morek. Part of the soldiers will reinforce the ranks already present north of the M4, which however continue to receive men and vehicles from the Kafr Loosin crossing. Part, however, will be diverted to the newly established bases and barracks in eastern Syria. Ankara has decided to give Damascus a free rein south of the highway. It is well aware, in fact, that the Syrian army (SAA) cannot cross it following the agreements with Russia. Instead, it aims to gain control of the eastern section of the road artery. Not surprisingly, it kicked off a military build-up in the quadrant by transferring several assets to it, including drones that patrol the skies daily from Ain Issa to Tal Tamr.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army resumes bombing the southern area of ​​Idlib. He always aims to conquer Barah but the situation is stalled

Meanwhile, the Syrian army has resumed bombing militia groups south of Idlib. First the Russian air component identified the targets to hit and then the SAA intervened. At the moment there are artillery attacks on Al-Barra, Al-Fatirah, Kinsafra, Sifuhn and Flefil. However, the Damascus troops suffered a severe blow when local jihadists destroyed their base on the axis of the village of Jidraya (west of Aleppo). In addition, there are clashes on the ground in Kafar Nubul, but the situation at the moment still seems unchanged. The government’s objective is to conquer Barah, which is strategic as the roads to Aleppo and the rest of the Middle Eastern country pass through it. After months of stalemate, the military managed to advance towards the city, but resistance increased and the offensive ran aground again.

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