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Syria, Turkey launches an offensive against Afrin and Damascus divides Ghouta in four

Turkey’s offensive in Syria is a stone’s throw from Afrin. The Kurds are under attack from two sides, while Olive Branch bombing is carrying on

The forces of Turkey and its allies have begun the offensive towards Afrin. The city in the north of Syria has been suffering heavy bombing for hours and Olive Branch’s drones are overflying almost constantly. The assault from militaries of Ankara and FSA are taking place on two fronts: the northern and southern one. The two axes are getting constantly closer to the residential area, while the air fighters are trying to break the defensive lines of the Kurds. On the first, in the past hours Mazrat Al-Qadi was captured. On the second, Turkish militaries and the militia have conquered Andariyah and Kafrbatra. Moreover, in the south east they are closing the circle around Afrin with the objective to isolate it from the rest of the region, joining the two wings of the maneuvers. Incidentally, the mixed contingent has chased YPG/SDF out of Kubali and Basselhaya.

The Syrian army has divided Ghouta into four separate and isolated zones. All under attack. Daesh is growing at Al-Yarmouk

Meanwhile, at east Ghouta the Syrian army (SAA) has managed to divide the enclave into 4 separate and isolated zones. One with Duma in the centre, the second in the area of Harasta; the third (the biggest one) between Irbin, Saqba, Ayn Tarma and Zamalka and, finally, in the quadrant containing the refugee camp of Al-Yarmouk. In all the zones, Damascus is bombarding. The ground fighting, instead, is mainly limited to Harasta and the area near Jisrin. In the last zone, instead, the battle is between 3. On one side there are the Syrian soldiers and on the other the anti-government rebels, which are also fighting against the Islamic State. The Daesh militians, in fact, are increasing their influence i in the area, although this is kept under control by the SAA.

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