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Syria, Turkey is preparing to leave another observation point: Jabal Anadan

Turkey is preparing to leave another observation point in the west of Syria: Aalab Anadan. Ankara is reducing its presence in the quadrant to target Kurdistan with troops, bases and assets

Turkey is preparing to leave another observation point in western Syria to reposition itself in the east, in Kurdistan. It is Jabal Anadan north of Aleppo, near Idlib. In parallel, the evacuation of the one in Sher Maghar (north of Hama) continues, which should be completed in these hours. Meanwhile, the Damascus army (SAA) wasted no time and began to occupy the positions abandoned by the TAF. In particular, the national flag was raised in Morek, one of the four outposts that Ankara’s troops have left so far (the others are Katban al-Jabal, Sher Maghar and Ma’ar Hattat). The aim is to concentrate forces in villages along the M4 west of Tal Tamr, strengthening its military presence with heavy bases and assets. There are fears that a maxi offensive is in preparation to conquer Ain Issa, as there are no agreements with Russia – unlike Idlib – to prevent it.

Meanwhile, Russia increases the pressure in support of the SAA south of Idlib. Putin: The militia enclave remains a source of threat to terrorism, the proliferation of weapons and drugs

Meanwhile, the SAA continues to attack southern Idlib with artillery, from Jericho to Barah, and Russian fighters have intervened and bombed Benin and Shannan. In the past few hours, however, there was also a telephone conversation between presidents Bashar Assad and Vladimir Putin, in which the head of state of the Federation reiterated that the enclave of militiamen in the Middle Eastern country remains a source of threat linked to terrorism , to the proliferation of weapons and drugs. Consequently, it was decided to increase the pressure on the region with both the air and the land component. In this context, the conquest of Barah, a crossroads of roads from the quadrant to the rest of the nation, is strategic. It is also essential if the Syrian soldiers want to go inside the province.

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