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Syria, Turkey is preparing the ground for the imminent operation in Kurdistan

Turkey is preparing the ground for the upcoming operation in Syrian Kurdistan. Ankara’s intelligence makes several arrests in Aleppo, while the TAF and allied militias increase the attacks. The Kurds are preparing to defend themselves, even with the help of Damascus

Turkey has begun preparing the ground for its imminent operation in northern Syria, formally justified by the response to the November 13 bomb attack in Istanbul. Ankara’s intelligence is carrying out several arrests of civilians and the TAF are conducting targeted raids in the Aleppo province, while the allied militias have intensified attacks against the SDF in Kurdistan. The goal is to weaken the enemies in view of a new operation, along the lines of Peace Spring in 2019, which should involve the Kobani area and aim to eliminate the PKK. The Turkish attempt, however, did not go unnoticed by the Kurdish separatists, accused of being the instigators of the attack in Istanbul. They have responded with vandalism raids in Istanbul and announced further action if Ankara implements its plans. Furthermore, Damascus is strengthening defenses in the area, developing a parallel dialogue of “mutual aid” with the SDF in an anti-invasion key.

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