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Syria, Turkey intensifies raids on Kurdistan

Turkey intensifies raids on Syrian Kurdistan. Ankara seeks to neutralize the command and control centers of the SDF and local sources of supply, in view of an imminent ground invasion in the quadrant

Turkey intensifies air raids on Syrian Kurdistan, especially targeting Kobani (Aleppo) and Qamishli (Hasaka). Ankara drones hit an SDF checkpoint near Abu Sarin, a base in Karisik and several gas stations not far from the border between the two countries. Furthermore, there seems to have been a new attack in Tal Temr, near the Russian military facility involved in the raid in recent days. The attacks of the Turkish Claw-Sword operation appear to be aimed at neutralizing the Kurdish command and control centers, as well as possible local sources of supply for the SDF. In fact, it is feared that the strikes are the prelude to a new military invasion of the quadrant, which has just been announced by President Recep Tayyp Erdogan, despite calls for caution from Russia, the United States and other nations.

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