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Syria, Turkey in Idlib has 2 problems: coronavirus and allied militias

Difficulties are growing for Turkey in Idlib. The official arrival of the coronavirus in Syria forces Ankara to review the strategy in the northern province

The game for Turkey in Idlib is complicated by the arrival of the Coronavirus and the frictions with the allied militias. After the first formally registered case of COVID-19, some measures were taken across Syria, including a curfew. The outbreak of the pandemic, already present for some time in the nation even if so far denied by Damascus, has forced Ankara to adopt some measures that limit the operational capacity of the TAF in their area of ​​influence. First of all, the borders were immediately closed to prevent the pandemic from being “exported”. This led to a sharp slowdown in the flow of reinforcements and supplies to the northern Syrian province. Furthermore, the maneuvering capacity of the troops, already present on the site, was almost eliminated. These, in fact, are forced to move with extreme caution, minimizing contact with anyone (primarily rebels) to avoid contracting the virus.

The nervousness of local militias is also growing, asking Turkey to resume support against Damascus. The truce, however, binds hands to Ankara, which begins to receive “messages” on the ground. The next one will probably be to hit the TAF on the M4, even without Russia

The other problem for Turkey in Syria is the growing nervousness of the jihadists in Idlib. These, so far supported by Ankara in an anti-Damascus key, continue to ask for resources and aid against the regular army (SAA). But the truce signed between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the regime of Bashar Assad, Russian-mediated, does not allow it. As a result, the first “concrete” warnings begin to arrive. In the past few hours, a TAF convoy has been hit by the explosion of an IED near Sfuhun, in the northern Syrian province. In addition, mysterious balloons with bombs (as happened on several occasions from Gaza to Israel) arrived across the border. It is a sign that “patience” is running out and Erdogan is asked to resume support. The next step will probably be to hit the Turkish convoys which, even without the Moscow troops, enter the M4.

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