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Syria, Turkey goes on despite the veto of Russia and the US

Turkey goes on despite the veto of Russia and the US. Ankara continues to send reinforcements and supplies to the front line in Idlib and Manbij. Damascus does the same, while the SDF strengthen the posts. The tension is sky high

Turkey in Syria is moving forward quickly, despite the multiple warnings from Russia (which also reached the militias allied with Ankara) and the United States. In recent days, the TAF have received at least three convoys of supplies and reinforcements that have headed from Kafr Lucien to the southern area of ​​Idlib and to Manbij, east of Aleppo. At the same time, Damascus sent new army units (SAA) and heavy weapons, escorted by the Russian military, to the area. Furthermore, the Kurdish SDF are strengthening their posts near the front line. Tension in the Middle Eastern country is skyrocketing: there are fears that Turkey may actually launch a new offensive similar to Peace Spring, perhaps as early as August. Not surprisingly, the US is building advanced operational bases (FOBs) in Kurdistan to help local forces counter the invasion, while keeping their defensive lines intact.

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