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Syria, Turkey establishes a new observation point in Zawiya

Turkey, as planned, establishes a new observation point in Zawiya on the road between Kafr Nabl and Barah

Turkey, as planned, establishes a new observation point in Zawiya, south of Idlib. In the past few hours, the TAF have begun preparing the fortifications for the new base which will be located on the road between Kafr Nabl, where the Syrian army’s (SAA) front line is located, and Barah, the target of the Damascus troops. Currently controlled by local militias. Moreover, the operation was preceded by an intense reconnaissance activity by the Ankara military, which took place in recent days throughout the quadrant. Meanwhile, dozens of soldiers, armored vehicles and logistics equipment have been deployed in the area. They are those who arrived recently with the last convoy entered from Kafr Loosin. At the same time, the evacuation of structures that are no longer fundamental continues, both in the province and in nearby Aleppo and Hama.

Ankara strengthens the “wall” in front of the SAA south of Idlib. Objectives: not to lose freedom of movement and protect the allied militias from the Syrian army (SAA)

With the construction of the new observation point, Turkey confirms that aims to create a “wall” in front of the Syrian army in Barah. Ankara does not want the SAA to take over the city and get too close to the M4. The danger is that the freedom of movement of the TAF and their allies is restricted. For Ankara, in fact, it is essential not to lose the support of local militias. Firstly Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). Both because they control an area near the border and they are “preparatory” to approach Kurdistan, without risking attacks from behind. Consequently, the jihadists must be protected at all costs and the “enemy” must be stopped before it becomes too dangerous. Especially today when, after months of impasse, the Syrian Army is starting to achieve results and is very close to Barah.

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