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Syria, Turkey enters Idlib again with fighters and tanks

Turkish fighters and tanks entered Idlib following the attack, apparently by pro-Assad forces, of Maidan Ghazal’s observation point. There are fears of an escalation that could cause a bloodbath

Turkey enters the field again in Syria, with a double invasion. In the past few hours, Ankara tanks and F-16 have violated the neighboring country. The first entered Idlib, while the latter flown as far as Aleppo. A few hours earlier, the Turkish observation point of Maidan Ghazal had been attacked, apparently, by pro-Damascus militias with artillery and mortars. At that point, from the Ankara base to Shir Maghar fire was fired on forces close to Assad, while Ankara helicopters arrived to evacuate the wounded soldiers. According to local sources, the Russian military attaché was summoned by the Turkish leadership, which announced a harsh response to the sudden attack. The situation at the moment seems to have returned to calm, but there is great tension in the area. There is a risk of a new military escalation, which could cause a bloodbath.

East of Syria, Jazeera Storm SDF continue the hunt for ISIS cells. Daesh, on the other hand, continues to attack the soldiers of Damascus (SAA) to create new routes to Deir Ezzor via Euphrates

Meanwhile, the SDF continue the hunt for ISIS cells throughout the East and the North of Syria. The Islamic State militiamen tried to infiltrate Hajin, but were repulsed by Jazeera Storm. Furthermore, the commandos of the Arab-Kurdish forces (HAT) arrested the members of two Daesh groups in Raqqa and Manbij. The jihadists, on the other hand, attacked the Syrian army (SAA) in al-Duweir, east of Deir Ezzor, causing several casualties among soldiers. The recent wave of blitz is needed by IS to open new routes to the Kurdish majority area, through the Euphrates. This after the SDF have increased vigilance throughout the quadrant, especially along the river, destroying those used so far.

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