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Syria, Turkey does not seem to have accepted Russia’s requests

Turkey does not appear to have accepted Russia’s demands on Syria. Ankara in a few days sends 10 convoys of vehicles and military supplies to its frontline on the Kurdistan border. How will the allied militias behave?

Turkey continues the tug-of-war with Russia over the new offensive in Syria. In the last hours, the tenth convoy of Ankara’s military supplies entered the Middle Eastern country from the Al Ra’i crossing in a few days and headed for the front line of the TAF, in Manbij. The vehicles carried armaments, ammunition and logistical equipment. In addition, they were accompanied by several armored vehicles, which presumably remained in the area. Turkey therefore does not seem to have caught the messages that Moscow is sending to it on the need not to launch the military operation in Kurdistan. Russia, in fact, cannot afford a war between its partners and moreover in a strategic territory for the war in Ukraine. The weak link in this context could be the pro-Ankara militias, also “warned” in recent days by Moscow, which are closed between two fires.

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