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Syria, Turkey directs all its forces to Zawiya

Turkey directs all its forces in northern Syria to Zawiya. Objectives: block the advance of the SAA towards Barah and the M4 and the possible expansion of Iran in the province

Turkey is sending all available forces in North Syria to Zawiya. Objective: to prevent the Syrian army (SAA) from capturing Barah at all costs and pushing further north towards the M4. According to local sources, Ankara is preparing to demobilize another 12 observation points in Idlib and neighboring provinces. The troops will then be diverted to the south, in the last bases constituted by the TAF in the quadrant. Indeed, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not only concerned about the Damascus offensive. But also of the possible expansion of Iran in the area, through allied groups such as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), if the US continues to maintain pressure on Tehran. Consequently, he is preparing to organize defenses to maintain full control of the highway, which is strategic for freedom of movement in the north of the Middle Eastern country.

Meanwhile, the army bombs as far as Latakia with the support of Russian drones. At the moment, however, there is no trace of the “imminent” ground operation on Barah

Meanwhile, the SAA has increased the pressure on Barah and Zawiya. In the past few hours, the Damascus artillery has targeted militia posts in Kansafra, Fatterah, Fleifel and Deir Sunbul. Ansar al-Tawhid jihadists responded by killing two soldiers in al-Dar al-Kabira (Idlib), while the Farouq Brigades mortally wounded as many in Urum as-Sughra (Aleppo). In addition, Russian drones flew over the area to provide the troops on the ground with the coordinates of the targets to hit. The army attacks, however, reached as far as Latakia, where fortifications in Shamir Tahtani, Qarat Omar, Sallour and al-Kabina were hit. For some time there has also been talk of an imminent terrestrial operation, but at the moment there are no signs of its possible start.

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