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Syria: Turkey, despite new garrisons, doesn’t unlock the M4 crisis

Turkey, despite the new fixed garrisons, does not unlock the crisis on the M4. The TAF-Russia joint patrols in Idlib continue to stop in Nayrab

Turkey is unable to unblock the issue of missed joint patrols with Russia on the M4, even after establishing a series of fixed garrisons across the highway. In the past few hours there has been a new activity in Idlib which, however, like the previous ones, has stalled in Nayrab. The convoy, which left from the village of Tarnbah on the border with Aleppo, had to reverse due to poor security conditions. This, even if the drones monitored the path from above to prevent the possible attacks announced by the militias. The local inhabitants, in fact, continue to put blocks on the road and the jihadists help and support them with other disturbing actions. The most striking one was to detonate a bridge south of the Syrian province, to prevent the passage of “enemy” vehicles. In the last few days, however, there have been others, albeit of a lesser extent.

The SDF fear a mass attack by Ankara in the East. Meanwhile, Isis tries to reorganize itself by exploiting the coronavirus emergency

Turkey, in growing difficulty in Idlib and without any momentary possibility of releasing the situation, could turn back to the East. Objective: to try to take territory away from the Kurds. The leaders of the Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) fear that Ankara is preparing a mass attack on Ain Issa. Ardal Kobani, head of the SDF in the area, reported it to the Hawar news agency (ANHA). Moreover, the TAF and their allies are said to be using coronavirus as a weapon. By transferring the infected people to Serêkaniyê, Tal Abyad, Afrin, and Ain Issa to weaken and distract the “enemy”. To the east there is also another threat: Isis. Islamic State jihadists are taking advantage of the COVID-19 emergency to regroup and recruit new fighters, including children. In addition, sleeper cell movements are recorded. Not surprisingly, the SDF reacted immediately, increasing operations together with Inherent Resolve, especially against the Daesh logistics and supply networks.

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