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Syria, Turkey declares war on Damascus with the Spring Shield operation

Turkey has cleared war on Syria. The Spring Shield operation begins with an air campaign against Idlib, Hama and Aleppo. Ankara also threatens an intervention on the ground, thanks to the support of the rebels

Turkey declared war on Syria. It did so with the Spring Shield operation, which formally began a few hours ago. The maneuvers were announced shortly after the TAF shot down two Damascus fighters, various anti-aircraft defense batteries, but at the same time they lost at least one drone (UAV). Furthermore, the area of ​​operations is not only Idlib, but also Hama and Aleppo, where there have been several bombings. Currently the offensive is only airborne, but Ankara has also amassed huge ground forces along the borders between the two countries and some convoys of soldiers have already entered “hostile” territory, passing mainly from Kafr Lossin. The situation, especially if there will be an intervention on the ground, risks becoming a bloodbath with unpredictable results. The Syrian rebels, in fact, have sided with Turkey against Damascus and are already recovering ground, taking advantage of the situation.

Russia formally does not take sides, but supports Damascus. Both with the equipment and the advisors and with the fighters that bomb the TAF

The third most important actor in the game, Russia, formally keeps its distance from the conflict between Syria and Turkey. Moscow, however, has been very clear about the latest events. After Ankara’s assets shot down Damascus aircraft on Idlib’s airspace, it can no longer guarantee their safety. As a result, these will be considered a target. Moreover, the Federation already provides assistance to Bashar Assad soldiers. Both with advisors and anti-aircraft defense systems such as the S-400 and Tor-M1 and by employing their own fighters against regime’s “enemy” targets. Including Turkish ones. Not surprisingly, the TAF recently suffered a night bombing that caused at least 36 soldiers dead and over 50 injured in Idlib. The raid was attributed to the Syrian Air Force, but it has no flight capacity after dark.

Putin and Erdogan are expected to meet on March 5, but it has not been confirmed. Meanwhile, however, the Turkish president tries to get closer to NATO. Here too, however, the road is uphill

Turkey reiterated that Moscow’s interests in Syria will not be affected by the Spring Shield operation and presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin are expected to meet on March 5 to discuss the situation. Ankara, however, in past few hours has announced that the face-to-face is not confirmed. It is not known whether by his own will or by the choice of Russia. What is certain, however, is that Erdogan cannot afford to have against Moscow. He has too much to lose in every respect, not to mention that he would certainly be defeated in a military confrontation. Turkey’s only alternative is to move closer to NATO, of which it is part. But even here the road is difficult. Ankara has asked the USA to be equipped with Patriot missiles. But they replied that first he must disarm the S-400s, purchased from Russia about a year ago.

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