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Syria, Turkey continues to target Ain Issa despite Russia’s doubts

Turkey continues to target Ain Issa despite Russia’s doubts. In fact, a few hours after the meeting between the military from Moscow and Ankara in the city in Kurdistan, the bombings resume

Turkey continues to aim for the conquest of the M4 up to Ain Issa, despite Russia’s doubts. This is confirmed by the resumption of bombing in Wasita in Kurdistan a few hours after a meeting at the Shirkrak silos in which military representatives of the two countries took part. During the talk, various issues related to the Syrian region were discussed and in particular the recent escalation by Ankara, which does not seem to want to give up its plans. The attacks of the TAF and the allied militias, in fact, soon extended to Mushairfah and Jahbal. Here there have also been several clashes between pro-Turkey jihadists and the SDF. Consequently, according to local sources, Ankara will go its own way and will only stop if Moscow places a formal veto on the operation.

Isis in East Syria resumes the campaign of targeted killings. It is revenge for the blows suffered in the latest operations of SDF and Inherent Resolve

Meanwhile, in the east of Syria, Isis has resumed the campaign of targeted killings of tribal leaders and high personalities. It is the revenge of the jihadists for the latest operations of the SDF and Inherent Resolve, which have dealt severe blows to the IS networks and their operational capacity. Indeed, the maneuvers in the quadrant continue. The latest raid took place in the al-Khatif neighborhood in Shahil and resulted in the death of a militiaman who tried to escape to escape capture. There are no official confirmations, but presumably he is an important character within the group, as regards the fact that a significant deployment of men and resources was used in the maneuvers and that it was the only goal.

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