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Syria, Turkey continues to strengthen its military presence in Idlib

Turkey continues to strengthen its military presence in Idlib. New convoy with vehicles and equipment, headed to various locations in the Syrian province. Among these, there is Zawiya. Objectives: to disturb the SAA offensive in Barah and move closer to Kurdistan

Turkey continues to strengthen its military presence in Idlib, while easing its presence in Aleppo. In the past few hours, a new convoy has arrived in the Syrian province, following the maxi one just deployed in the area by a few days. This time there is talk of about seventy armored vehicles, weapons, ammunition and logistic material. The entry point is as always Kafr Loosin and the destinations Baloun, Ruwaiha, Qoqfin and Deir Sunbul on the mountain of Zawiya, a few kilometers away from the front line of the Damascus army (SAA). Ankara’s objective is twofold: on the one hand, to disturb the SAA offensive to conquer Barah. Especially when the army is preparing to launch an invasion on the ground. On the other, it is bringing the troops closer to Kurdistan, in anticipation of future movements to go and strengthen the garrisons to the east along the M4.

Meanwhile, pro-Ankara militias increase incursions into Kurdistan. The last one was foiled by the SDF near Ain Issa

The situation in Kurdistan, in fact, is heating up quickly. Turkey is strengthening its military presence every day, especially west of Tal Tamr. In addition, pro-Ankara groups have stepped up attacks on Kurds and infiltration attempts in the Syrian region. The last was foiled in the past few hours near Ain Issa and saw over 30 militiamen killed or wounded by the SDF. They were ambushed by Kurdish forces when they entered the village of Mu’allaq. Moreover, among the victims there seems to be one of their leaders: Ismail Al-Eido, former emir of ISIS in past years. Finally, the SDF themselves confirm that jihadist raids have had a boom in recent days. It is not by chance that reinforcements have been sent from Deir Ezzor and Hasaka.

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