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Syria, Turkey continues to shift assets towards Kurdistan

Turkey continues to shift assets from the north west of Syria to Kurdistan. The fourth observation point of the TAF between Idlib, Aleppo and Hama closes: is the one in Kabtan al-Jabal. Troops transferred to the East

Turkey continues to shift assets from the Idlib and Aleppo area to eastern Syria. In the last hours, the TAF closed an observation point near Kabtan al-Jabal and transferred the men and equipment to Darat Izza. From here, part of the vehicles and troops then headed to Hasaka on the M4. So far, four outposts in the region have been left behind by Ankara’s forces in the past month. In addition to Katban al-Jabal, in fact, there are also Morek, Sher Maghar and Ma’ar Hattat. In parallel, these have strengthened their positions along the stretch of highway in Kurdistan, west of Tal Tamr. The last quadrant that saw the arrival of reinforcements was that of Jatale in the district of Darbassiye. There is no official confirmation, but it seems that a base of Turkish soldiers could be built here.

Meanwhile, in Deir Ezzor, the SDF dismantle an ISIS cell specializing in targeted killings. The raid in Busayrah results in four IS jihadists captured. Other three were taken in Baghuz

Further south, in Deir Ezzor, the SDF dismantled an ISIS cell specializing in bomb making and targeted killings. Kurdish anti-terrorist forces (HAT), in cooperation with Inherent Resolve, carried out a raid on Busayrah, arresting four IS jihadists. They killed tribal and civil society leaders, as well as some SDF members by ambushes aboard motorcycles. In recent days, however, three other militiamen had been captured in Baghuz, who were planning attacks in the Syrian province. These had various weapons and explosives at their disposal. According to local sources, there is also a commander among them, but the indiscretion has not been officially confirmed for the moment.

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