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Syria, Turkey continues to push on the M4 in Kurdistan

Turkey continues to strengthen its military presence on the M4 in Kurdistan. New military garrisons west of Tal Tamr, and drones arrive

Turkey’s military presence on the M4 in Kurdistan is still growing. In the past few hours, new checkpoints and barracks for the TAF and allied militias (SNA) have been set up near some villages west of Tal Tamr. In particular in Aniq al-Hawa, Tal Muhammad, Bab al-Khair and Umm Ashaba. Additionally, Ankara is transferring soldiers, heavy weapons and assets to the Syrian province. Not surprisingly, a constant and daily presence of Turkish drones in the skies of the quadrant has begun. According to intelligence sources, Recep Tayyp Erdogan’s troops aim to take control of the highway. The goal is to improve freedom of movement and isolate Ain Issa. This is in anticipation of a possible offensive or in any case to better control the Kurds in the area.

From Hasaka to Deir Ezzor, however, infections from Covid-19 are growing. From Ankara to Isis, concern increases

At the same time, infections from Covid-19 are growing throughout the North East of Syria. These, according to official data, have exceeded 4,000, but in reality it is believed that they are many more. The cities most affected are Derik, Hasaka and Qamishlo. However, the coronavirus also circulates in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, albeit formally with smaller numbers. The pandemic worries both the local population and the SDF, who fear to see their operational capacity diminished due to the spread of infections, and the other local actors: Isis and Turkey. The former have been hit hard by the virus, but they hide it from the outside and from their men. This is because they do not have the skills or the means to counter it. Ankara, on the other hand, has given precise orders to the TAF on the behaviors and procedures to be adopted to reduce the risks.

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