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Syria, Turkey continues to establish fixed TAF garrisons on M4 in Idlib

Turkey establishes a new fixed garrison on the M4 in Idlib: it is that of Jinna, which joins the two in Al-Khafir and Naryab. Objective: to allow joint patrols with Russia to be carried out safely. The next ones are likely to be in Muhanbal or Arihah

Turkey continues to establish fixed military garrisons in Idlib, along the M4, to allow joint patrols to be launched with Russia. The last one is that of Jinna. Prior to this, the TAF had created those of Al-Khafir, near Jisr al-Shughur, and al-Naryab. In addition, reinforcements have recently been sent to al-Mastouma. The goal is to prevent possible attacks by local militias against convoys. In fact, Moscow has lost patience with Ankara and is actively supporting Damascus for the launch of a maxi operation of the Syrian army (SAA) in the quadrant. The maneuvers against the jihadists will act on two axes: the north of Hama and Saraqeb, where numerous troops have just arrived. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan cannot afford it and is running for cover. In fact, other garrisons of this type will be established soon, probably in Muhanbal or Arihah.

Ankara’s strategy is clear: on the one hand, take time with the anti-government militias and Moscow. On the other, taking away wiggle room for the Syrian army (SAA), which is preparing to launch a maxi operation in the province

In fact, Turkey is now in great difficulty on Idlib. Local militias increasingly press Ankara to resume support against Damascus. Moreover, these in recent days from the threats have passed to the first acts, detonating a bridge on the M4. Erdogan, however, has his hands tied following the agreement with Russia. Therefore, should the SAA operation start, Erdogan would be forced to make a choice: resume supporting Syrian jihadists, losing Moscow’s support, or respecting the agreement and discharging them. This, however, would result in the loss of a strategic ally within an area of ​​influence and moreover near the border. Hence the decision to make the highway safe step by step, taking time and reducing the “enemy” ‘s room for maneuver. Any attack near the TAF, in fact, would be seen as a violation of the truce and cause the immediate restart of the Spring Shield operation.

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