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Syria, Turkey continues to amass forces in Idlib

Turkey continues to send reinforcements to Idlib to allow the passage of joint patrols with Russia on the M4, but the HTS militias do not give up

Turkey continues to amass forces in Idlib, seeking to strengthen security on the M4 to allow joint patrols with Russia to pass. In the last hours new reinforcements have been sent to the TAF present in the Syrian province, passing as usual from the border crossing of Kafr-Lossin. The aim is to take sides in fixed stations along the highway to increase deterrence against possible attacks by militias (in particular Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, HTS) and to act quickly in the event of concrete dangers for convoys. Not surprisingly, it is the 17th arrival of troops since the beginning of the month. Coincided with the sudden acceleration of threats by HTS, which is significantly increasing its weight in the quadrant. Furthermore, Ankara is preparing in case Spring Shield operation would restart. In fact, according to analysts, thousands of men and over 2,000 vehicles have already been deployed to date.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government remains “in the window” to ensure that Ankara’s difficulties continue. The SAA attacks, in fact, are for containment purposes only

Damascus, meanwhile, continues his war against the militias in Idlib, however keeping himself very far from the M4. The army (SAA) artillery and fighters are, in fact, bombing only the borders of the province, south to Hama and east to Aleppo. In the past few hours there have been raids on Mount al-Zawiya, al-Fatira, Sufuhan, Kansafra, al-Barah and Kafr Taal. The Bashar Assad regime has a very specific strategy on the province. Acting mostly for containment to prevent jihadists from attempting to move and extend their presence to other areas of the country. This is to ensure that the difficulties continue for Turkey, which will have the burden of solving the issue of rebels and joint patrols on the M4 on its own. Moreover, Assad also has the ideal excuse for not intervening: the coronavirus emergency.

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