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Syria, Turkey conquers Afrin. And now what? Meanwhile Damascus speeds up at Ghouta

Turkish Forces and the FSA take control of Afrin. Will Olive Branch stop or will it go up to the territories controlled by the Syrian army?

Turkish forces and the allies of FSA in Syria have taken the control of Afrin. They have done so after having accessed the city from 2 sides, south east, passing from the mountain, and south west after taking Kafr Shil. The troops of Olive Branch control the centre and are eliminating the last pockets of resistance of YPG/SDF. In the battle, which is still going on in some parts, however many civilians would have died. Ankara, though, denies the hypothesis, and blames the Kurds exclusively of the collateral damage. The conquest of Afrin, right in the Syrian territory and not at its margins, now opens new scenarios. It is still to be understood whether Ankara will stop or whether it will continue to move on to reach the territories still in the hands of the Syrian army (SAA) at Nubi. The Kurds on the other hand have been segregated in a small area of the quadrant closed in between two fires. And the northern area is completely surrounded by Olive Branch.

At east Ghouta, Damascus launches an ultimatum to the rebels. Bidding them to go to Idlib, shortly Harasta would be invaded and Assad would arrive in the field. The Islamic State Daesh attacks the SAA

Meanwhile, at Ghouta, the Syrian army advances in 2 of the 4 sectors in which they had cut off and isolated the enclave. In the center-south the SAA conquered Saabs and is now pointing towards Hazzah. Moreover, it has launched an ultimatum to the rebels at Harasta, either they leave the area and go to Idlib or else they would suffer a maxi offensive which was ready to start. For Damascus it is strategically important to regain control of the area, to the extent that president Bashar Assad, in the last hours, visited his soldiers in the field. At Douma, where Red Crescent is working to evacuate civilians, instead, there is no news of big movements. More to the south, finally, it is the Islamic State that has launched an attack against the militaries. Daesh from the area of Al Hajar al Aswad has hit some of the commands of the armed forces in the district of Qadam, in order to extend their control over the residential area.

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