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Syria, Turkey builds two military bases in Kurdistan

Turkey is building two military bases in Syrian Kurdistan: one is in Tel Mannakh and the other in Rashidiyah

Turkey strengthens its presence in Syrian Kurdistan. In recent days, the TAF have begun to transform a military outpost in Tel Mannakh (Hasaka) into a real military base. The structure has been fortified and excavations are underway for a large trench. In addition, Ankara soldiers are sending you numerous equipment and supplies. Another is also being born in Rashidiyah, just four kilometers from the SDF and Syrian Army (SAA) positions in the village of Al-Kouliyyah (Tel Tamr). The materials and resources, in fact, arrive at the two structures already last week and the flow shows no signs of decreasing. Probably, new military and weapon systems will also be added in the near future, as has been happening for some time now in Zawiya in Idlib. There too, however, TAF and SAA are only separated by a few kilometers.

For Ankara it is the same script as Zawiya in Idlib. Objectives: not to allow SDF-SAA to advance and create a platform for a possible offensive

In fact, Turkey is repeating the script that took place in Idlib with Zawiya in Kurdistan. The quadrant was progressively “sealed” with bases and continuous arrivals of reinforcements. Ankara’s objectives are the same: on the one hand, not to allow enemies to advance. On the other hand, to create a launching pad for a possible offensive. What is certain is that the situation in the area is heating up and there is the risk that a simple accident could cause an escalation with unpredictable results. Russia intervened by digging a huge trench to keep the pro-Turkish militias separate from the SDF-SAA, but it doesn’t seem enough. In fact, the incursions of the jihadists have not stopped. The construction of bases in Tel Mannakh and Rashidiyah will further fuel tensions and it will become increasingly difficult to keep the truce intact. 

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